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Live Blogging with Linda Long: Episode 1 Candle 79 NYC

Episode 1 Candle 79 NYC

Linda Long sits down with Robin Quivers (co-host of the Howard Stern Show) for a tempting feast of Steamed Dumplings, Seitan Piccata, Citrus-Herb Grilled Tempeh, Baby Arugula Salad with Macadamia-Cashew Nut Cheese and, of course, green drinks.


It's fun to shoot videos, especially when it involves eating, too. When Betsy Carson, the producer of Delicious TV approached me to host the first episodes of a new series – Vegan Hotspot – starting here in New York, about finding a good vegan meal in NYC in vegan and non-vegan restaurants, I  said “YAY.”  After all, a good meal is a good meal wherever our travels take us. Living in the Great City, I have been eating with friends of all persuasions for a long time, and I am not shy in stating that I am an expert in this department. As a former foods teacher, I like to teach others about food.  Growing up in the restaurant business, I love to serve food.  As a food photographer, I like to record attractive food.  As a cookbook author, I have eaten with great chefs.  And as someone mesmerized by food, I like to eat it. See, Expert!

We ate at four restaurants, Candle 79, Peacefoods, Ritz Carlton Star Lounge, and B.B. King, meeting an exciting guest for lunch each time – Robin Quivers, Fran Costigan, Victoria Moran, and Master Chef Erik Blauberg. We discussed the menus and ordered. While eating, questions for the chefs surfaced! Each time, the chef was gracious to join us and also give a recipe that was discussed for the site, making you one of the guests as well! Just love chefs! Never met one where their hearts do not seem bigger than their bodies.

candle 79
Longtime friend, Joy Pierson, co-creator of “the best” Candle 79,  greeted us on the sidewalk with huge hugs and smiles. No missing a Joy Smile! We walked by the packed noontime customers (some are regular Celeb diners) to create a great spot for taping upstairs – in time for the arrival of the exciting and fun and smart and beautiful Robin Quivers, co-host of the Howard Stern 100 on Sirius Satellite Radio. We ordered way too many dishes but managed to taste and comment on everything. The table was not large enough for one more plate! We were so curious about Chef Angel’s Macadamia Nut “Cheese” in the Baby Arugula Salad with roasted pears, beets, fennel, macadamia-cashew cheese and a rosemary-vanilla dressing. When he came to join us, I was so hoping that if I put him on-the-spot he might reveal how to make the salad, even if a secret until now. See the site for his generosity in providing the recipe, and then make it! It can go on so many dishes you make!  It’s one of those “fool your non-vegan friends” things. You WILL wow’ em and love yourself for it!
candle 79

Come with us again through more videos coming soon where you are our guest for glorious vegan food – sometimes at unexpected places!