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Episode 5: B.B. King

Linda Long dines with Master Chef Erik Blauberg who has planned a special 5-course menu prepared by Chef Vincent Cani. Gorgeous and delectable Vegan Tuna Salad, followed by a bite-sized vegetable cakes, a terrine of Root Vegetables, Organic Risotto, Grilled Mushroom Steak, Ripe Fruit in Parchment w/ Pistachio Ice Cream.



What a place B.B. King is on West 42nd Street, with great bands and unsuspecting great food! We arrive in one of the worst snow-storms of the season. White-covered NYC! Welcoming us is award-winning Master Chef Erik Blauberg, the co-host for this video as he consults with them to keep their offerings at the highest level. Who knew or would suspect such a behind-the-scenes secret? He has learned that the vegan items he put on the menu are best sellers, with more Vegetable Cakes selling above their beef sliders per night! Notice I did not say vegan burger. He likes to refer to them as vegetable cakes, and once tasted, it is certain they need to have their own reference! We (and you) have the recipe! He served us a feast that I would say was a real show-off in the nicest of terms. Take a look! And, get us in the car to slip and slide to the Ritz, our next stop, before the crew must head for Maine and home and more snow!