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Episode 3:

Linda Long lunches with multi-talented Fran Costigan (chef, instructor, and cookbook author) on scrumptious Pan-seared Shanghai Style Dumplings, Roasted Japanese Pumpkin Sandwich with Jicama Salad, and Chickpea Fries. Prepared by PeaceFood Café Chef-Owner Eric Yu and Chef Ihor Melikhov.


We arrived in early sunlight to join the Peacefood Café  staff in opening the restaurant! So warm and cozy to be at a round, marble table inside a bay window and eat such nutritious food. This is a drop-in place that feels like you have been there before and wanted to go back. Owner Eric Yu is as warm as the restaurant and wants so much for you to have a great experience there. Lunch guest, the diva of dairy-free desserts, teacher and cookbook author of More Great Good Dairy-free Desserts, Fran Costigan,  is pure delight to spend time with, even when she is not handing out chocolate cakes! She offered a delightful chat and food know-how. We both thought…Oh, the Roasted Japanese Pumpkin Caramelized Onion with Walnuts and Vegan Goat Cheese Sandwich! You can get it day or night! You will wake in the middle of the night and want it! We helped with getting the recipe for us all! Of course, the Chickpea Fries are also something of a dream. I have to order them upon arriving while I look over specials. “One for the table, please.” One day we must get that recipe!

peacefood cafe photo shoot
Come with us again through more videos coming soon where you are our guest for glorious vegan food – sometimes at unsuspecting places!